Area code program with geographic description and timezones
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This program allows the user to look up area codes by code and by state. The user may enter an area code and find the state, region, and nearby area codes. The user may also select any state, province, or other region throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean, and Pacific and see a list of area codes servicing the region, with further geographic descriptions and the associated timezone.

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  • Question: I've originally purchased this for my wife who still loves her Palm. Recently she has discovered that the list of area codes is not complete and asked for my help.Yes, I know this is not an active market, but it would be nice to be able to rely on your area code lookup program. Can you offer any assistance?

    Unfortunately, this application can't be used for your needs since the developer has made it available only for Android and iPhone.

    However, if you have the sync application that can get data from Palm, you can use the web version of the application. Type the area code or select the city and you'll see the area code. Apply changes to your file and upload it back to Palm.

    Web version:

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